Enjoy the Road Rallye courses that will take you on scenic drives around the surrounding Birmingham area. Experience 'The Amazing Race' concept of answering trivia questions at check points along the course, without the stress of being timed.

The routes will start at the Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park host hotel and end with a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner. The directions will be very clear with no "tricks" or liberal instruction, interpretation, or microsecond timing. They will take you over lightly traveled roads that are a great fun to drive with interesting things to see and facts to elicit (there has to be some kind of competition). These will be self-guided, so you can run them at your leisure. Best of all: no conflicts between driver and navigator!

Attendees bringing their Mercedes-Benz SUV will enjoy a new challenge with the StarTrails rallye that will include national forest roads, fire trails, and light off-road driving.

To participate in the Road Rallye, simply select the appropriate course you're intrested in participating during the event registration process.


Starting from the hotel to Talladega National Forest and Mount Cheaha, Cheaha State Park and the Talladega scenic drive.  This will include a truly gourmet restaurant in the historic district of Anniston.

This is about 3-½ hours of challenging curves.  One section is like the famous “Tail of the Dragon” motorcycle and sports car touring roads, but it is twice as long. 



Experience hairpin turns to the community of Bug Tussle, AL. The course will take you around beautiful Smith Lake, to a covered bridge, and then 50 miles on smooth lightly traveled very winding roads.

This rallye will take you through the Bankhead National Forest and then along the Tennessee River, finally crossing it to reach Huntsville with its great German restaurants and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center with its “Space Camp” and the Apollo moon mission displays.

Driving time is 4 hours.



Experience great roads and beautiful scenery along this three-hour drive though covered bridges and past the 13th-century Tuscan monastery. The bridges you pass along the way include the tallest, longest, and one of the shortest covered bridges in the U.S.

End an amazing drive at a great restaurant in the German town of Kuhlmann (now Cullman) AL.